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Our gifts are like music.
They're out there, wanting to be played,
and they're seeking expression through you.

By you playing music, creating art, 
writing books, speaking on stage, teaching yoga,
whatever it is that you are truly great at,
no matter what level you're at,
you're like a living, breathing conduit
for this invisible 'music' to come to life through you.

I help you to see the possibility
of communicating with
and reaching a global audience. 

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My teaching method makes learning so simple & fun you won’t even realize you’ve gone from ‘Drum Owner’ to ‘Musician’ until other musicians are asking you to attend local sessions or join their band on stage.


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KOTR is Ideal for advanced beginner, intermediate to advanced intermediate players.


. .. NOT JUST PLAYING bodhrán, but being exceptionally good at it.

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I’ve been drumming for 40 years, and teaching for 30, but when I damaged my voice to the point on almost needing surgery 12 years ago I had to look outside the typical teaching box.

That's when I took the leap to step in front of the camera.

Now I am on a mission to empower others to share their talents with the world.

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