The Last Mile

I had to share one of my favourite tunes with you - The Last Mile.. It's written by Scottish musician and composer. Mark Stewart, who just so happens to be my husband.

The Last Mile is getting played so much between here in Scotland and my native Canada that it's fast becoming a well-known tune among pipers, fiddlers, pipe bands and trad bands.

Mark wrote the tune on his way home from band practice one night around 2004/2005. He was playing with the Drambuie Kirkliston Pipe Band under PM Ian Duncan and his brother and Pipe Sergeant Gordon Duncan. Mark grew up playing with both Ian and Gordon in the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band.

Mark wasn't in the door for more than a minute when he took out his chanter and said, 'What do you think of this?'.

He proceeded to play me two complete parts of a wickedly delicious reel. I figured it must have been a tune handed out at band practice that night, but when I asked him what it was he said the tune came to him as...

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How I 'Cheat' At Meditation

After almost tearing my hair out for months searching for a solution to a better work/life balance I completely stilled my mind during meditation one evening and the answer came.

I simply thought to myself a few times, 'What is the solution?' and then just let the thought go and waited.

I admit I was a little freaked out when the answer came to me within a minute or two, as if a higher power was communicating with me. I know, it even sounds really woo-woo to me (and I'm a woo-woo kinda gal), but that's the only way I could describe it.

The answer was that I had to give something up. My online business was taking off, but my local private drum student numbers also kept increasing. The answer that came to me in meditation was that I needed to let some local teaching go. The guilt I felt handing those pupils over to another teacher weighed heavy on me.

At the same time I was overcome with this sense of relief and inner knowing this was the right answer and knew that meditation would...

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Hot Mama In {High} Heels

I am so honoured to be one of the co-authors of the International Best-Selling book ‘Hot Mama In {High} Heels’ along with 20 other inspiring women.

The book is geared towards helping women, but my chapter topic applies to everyone. (So men, after reading it, you can pass it along to a woman in your life who would appreciate it).

Here’s a quick little video that gives you a bit more insight about my chapter.


Anyone who buys the book from my link below will get a special gift from me, like a wee ‘ethical bribe’.

When you email your proof of purchase to you will get the audio recording of my chapter.

I love audio books so I thought you might like this format too. Plus it will hold you over until your book arrives

In my chapter I take you behind the scenes to where I started my online journey (long before I had over 1.5 million views on YouTube and was being watched in every one of...

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Slip Jig Track Suggestions For Practising Bodhran

Slip jigs (9/8 jigs) are one of my favourite types of tunes to play, however many people find initially find it difficult to tell the difference between them and 6/8 jigs. The best solution for this is to listen to lots of great tracks to get more familiar with them.

The tricky thing is many albums don't specify if it's a slip or 6/8 (double) jig. Artists are also known to play around with the timings by adding an extra beat or taking one out. As fun as it is for those of us who can easily hear the change, this can make it quite confusing for someone trying to figure out whether it's a slip jig or not.

In an attempt to help you broaden your understanding of slip jigs I have created a Resource List to guide you along some great tracks.

In each part of the series I'll share with you tracks to practice along with and point out where the tune changes time signature.

  • Artist: The Bothy Band
  • Album: After Hours
  • Track: Kesh Jig / Give Us A Drink Of Water / The Famous Ballymote
  • Track: The...
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7 Rhythms In 7 Days Bodhrán Challenge



















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