Slow Down Series - Volume #1

Apr 19, 2023

'Sometimes to learn fast you have to slow waaaay down.' 
- Tim Ferriss -


In my 42 years of drumming and teaching I have found one of the resources I use most are slow downing tools.

Whether I'm teaching drum kit, snare, bodhrán, bass or tenor drum, I use this tool to every week in my private school lessons.

Once you've learned an exercise, rhythm sequence or full score, it is so much more rewarding and encouraging to play along with the backing track.

However, many (if not most) tracks are simply too fast to play with at what I call the 'Learning Tempo'. 

Taking our time to play with clarity and control may not sound as fun and exciting as playing along to tunes at rip-roaring speeds, but playing with control at slower tempos will set us up for full-speed success.  

Your hands love repetition, but they may get too tired looping a pattern at a faster pace. If this is the case don't hesitate to simply slow down. 

Even inside my Keepers Of The Rhythm course, (the next level up from my Platinum Level 1) I break all down the rhythms into Level 2: 'Learning' Tempo, Level 3: 'I Can Do It' Tempo and Level 4: 'She's Crazy' Tempo because I understand what my students need at each stage of the journey. 

Slow doesn't mean we're not capable of doing the rhythm faster.

We're just choosing to play it slower in the pursuit of mastery.

In this first volume of the Slow Down Series I'll share a tool I personally use a lot.



How to slow down a YouTube Video: Mobile & Desktop







Here is the Playlist I promised you in my audio message.

I love creating Playlists of different time signatures for my online course members. 

Get your drum out, pick a track from the playlist and try out the YouTube Playback Speed tool to find the tempo just right for you. 

Drum on and smile at strangers. 😀


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